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PT. Shinagawa Refractories Indonesia

Global Provider of Thermal Solution.

Phone: +62 21 2269 3011 | Fax: +62 21 2269 3010


Address: Tiang Bendera III Street, Number 52/10. RT.007 RW.003, Roa Malaka, Tambora West Jakarta - 11230

Adding value to your business

PT. Shinagawa Refractories Indonesia offers a complete refractory service from product supply and installation of refractory system in order to deliver highest quality and satisfaction to all our clients. Each client is uniquely served according to the diverse necessities and expectation of endusers from various industries.

PT. Shinagawa Refractories Indonesia determined commitment is to provide specific, reliable and solution refractory to numerous industrial sectors using high temperatures as a process feature such as Iron, Steel, Cement, Petrochemicals, Aluminum, Ferrous and non-Ferrous industries.


Shinagawa offers a complete range of refractory solutions for all heat intensive industries in the region. Products are available for applications in the following industries:

Iron & Steel | Aluminium & Alumina | Mineral Processing | Non Ferrous Metals | Petrochemical | Power Generation | Other Industries